A New York State of Mind.

Ten years ago, we launched Burch Partners out of a need to serve organizations who needed a distinct style of brand storytelling. Rooted in public relations and a background in visual communications, we built an agency around a single idea—make brands impossible to ignore.

Today, we are a fast-growing, full-service, fully integrated marketing agency, and to mark our 10th year, we rebranded as BURCH and we’ve opened an office in New York City.

BURCH’s new office, officially BURCH New York, is a strategic expansion, designed to take advantage of the opportunities in the world’s largest media market, as well as better serve the agency’s clients through its media relationships and direct management of marketing, sponsorship and events. The office will be led by Simone Weithers, BURCH’s creative director, as its managing director.

“The BURCH brand and identity is more than a single person, it is the work of many people, aligned around one objective: better branding through stories that are impossible to ignore,” said Brian Burch, founder and managing partner. “Expanding into New York has been a vision of mine, and I can think of no better person to lead this new initiative than Simone. Her bold, creative vision for our clients and this agency is distinct and refreshing.”

Simone has led the BURCH creative team for the past three years and has been recognized for her work creating stories and building better brands. She was awarded the Crain’s 40 Under 40, Andrews University Up-and-Coming Alumni of the Year, and Holland Young Professional’s Leader in Equity. She is also a founding member of Women of Color GIVE, a leading BIPOC community giving organization.

Her leadership managed the design of the BURCH refreshed identity, which embraces the agency’s growth and commitment to the diversity of ideas and the industries it serves. The new visual identity acknowledges the full-service agency’s legacy as a traditional public relations firm, and an innovator in branding and marketing design. Simplifying the name to BURCH and merging the ‘u’ and ‘r’ characters in the primary word mark to form a distinct ‘ur’ icon.

Continuing in the refresh of the distinct birch leaf, part of the BURCH identity from day one. Representing a pioneering attitude toward new markets, positive growth, optimism and organizations that want a fresh take on their marketing.

Weithers will take this new branding to New York, supporting new clients there, as well as BURCH’s Midwest clients who are seeking exposure and awareness in the world’s largest media market. Among it’s newest clients is Serratelli Hat Company, a legacy producer of the finest cowboy hats in the world.

“BURCH has supported multi-channel projects in New York for many years, but this is the first time we will be executing from within the market to support a growing list of East Coast clients,” said Weithers. “As a native New Yorker leveraging my Midwest creative team, this office has a real opportunity to guide rapidly growing brands.”

BURCH has spent the past ten years working across many industries including consumer packaged goods, craft beverage, arts & culture, technology, business services, non-profit and startups. BURCH New York provides comprehensive marketing, advertising, events and public relations services, with a Midwest “back office,” with which it coordinates production, copywriting, design, digital advertising, and more. The office is located in Manhattan.

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